Write a program to calculate age in java

JavaScript recognizes the following types of values: Numbers, such as 42 or 3. That means you do not have to specify the data type of a variable when you declare it, and data types are converted automatically as needed during script execution. So, for example, you could define a variable as follows:

Write a program to calculate age in java

Not a bad pay-off one might presume. The opposite to an unsigned integer is a signed integer that have the capability of holding both positive and negative values.

But, what about larger numbers. You would need significantly more bits to hold larger numbers.

Computer Programming And Technology For Dummies: C program to calculate body mass index(BMI)

That's where Java's numeric types come into play. Java has multiple numeric types — their size dependent on the number of bits that are at play. In Java, numbers are dealt with using data types specially formulated to host numeric data. But before we dive into these types, we must first set some concepts in stone.

Just like you did in high school or even primary schoolnumbers in Java are placed in clearly distinct groups and systems. As you'd already know by now, number systems includes groups like the integer numbers 0, 1, For the moment, we would only look into integer values as they are easier to understand and work with.

Integer types in Java[ edit ] With what we have learned so far, we will identify the different types of signed integer values that can be created and manipulated in Java. Following is a table of the most basic numeric types: As we have discussed earlier, the data types in Java for integers caters to both positive and negative values and hence are signed numeric types.

The size in bits for a numeric type determines what its minimum and maximum value would be.

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If in doubt, one can always calculate these values. Lets see how this new found knowledge of the basic integer types in Java fits into the picture. Say, you want to numerically manipulate the days in a year — all days. What type would you use?

Since the data type byte only goes up towould you risk giving it a value greater than its allowed maximum. Such decisions might save you from dreaded errors that might occur out of the programmed code.

A much more sensible choice for such a numeric operation might be a short. Oh, why couldn't they make just one data type to hold all kinds of numbers?

write a program to calculate age in java

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Here is a Java Class to Calculate the Volume of Box. class Box { double width; double height; double depth; // This is the constructor for Box.

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Jul 10,  · C program to calculate age in years, months and days Write a C program to calculate age in years, months and days. #include #include /* checks whether the given input is leap year feb or not */ c program to calculate age from date of birth; c program to calculate body mass index;.

This program segment calculates the sum of integer numbers from 1 to n. Initially, the value of n is read from the keyboard and variable sum is initialized to zero. This document contains reference information for the tools that are installed with Java Development Kit (JDK).

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