The yin and yang of love

But do you actually know what the philosophy of Yin and Yang expresses and how you can make it work for your relationship?

The yin and yang of love

People also say opposites attract. While both can be good to certain people I have found that a relationship that has the yin yang components is beautiful. Two people cannot think alike. Life affects each person a different way. You could have ten people in the same room all who have had identical life experiences and each of them feels a different way.

Sure, they can relate, but all do not think alike. The way I see, if you have someone who is almost completely like you at some point in time there is no balance.

When you have what I call a yin yang relationship, you can have harmony. I have discovered that the only reason one relationship can work is because they are able to complement each other. Yes, two people in a relationship can fight just like a couple does, but by the end of it if they are able to see the other side of the coin, they can grow and realize that both were seeing in the same direction but with a different perspective.

Perhaps, this appears to work from the outside, but realistically when you are not together, you both feel like a part of you is missing. It becomes difficult to function normally.

The more you develop this kind of a relationship, the more you become dependent on that person which makes you a handicap.

The yin and yang of love

This can feel crushing and heart breaking and can result in extreme dysfunction when either you become unhappy without the other, spend time apart, etc. I feel it is far more important to pursue an understanding of the balance of yin and yang within oneself, for no other reason than self-improvement.

That way, when you find someone you want to support, you will already have beautiful and fully represented feelings to offer them, and will know who it is appropriate to hold out for.

Finding someone you feel is right for you can be amazing when you feel a lack, but this is certainly not the best way to achieve balance, as being desperate for something is a horrible feeling with which to enter a relationship and relying on another person for balance can make you seem needy and be disastrous, unreliable, or unsatisfying.

When you understand the energies at work within your own thoughts, actions, lifestyle patterns, or body as an individual, you are far more powerful and more prepared to offer something good to others around you.

Regardless of the feeling that a partner may complete you, or how much you yearn to feel one with energies opposite to your own, finding real stability and power requires an understanding of balance within oneself.

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This kind of involvement also does not require synchronization between the two people, one may be happy to give while the other receives, but they may not really see or feel the other person. Often in this case, sexual intimacy is seen as the highest possible form of pleasure and synchronization.

Often grave misunderstandings, egotism, and selfishness can occur and perpetuate it here. Either or both people may just be acting out their own mental patterning instead of sharing a conscious involvement.

A more deep and powerful connection with a lasting positive impact on another person has many alternating aspects and is more about being in the moment, understanding the presence or lack of certain ideas or emotions within an experience, and then reflecting those with an outward expression of appropriate nature.

For people who understand this kind of involvement, working together to achieve a goal, dancing, or even sharing conversation can be far more valuable and more rewarding than sexual intimacy. These kinds of involvements feel truly selfless and good, and are more about understanding the significance of the experience and expressing an appropriate space that feels comfortable and nurturing for the people involved.

I feel like many especially young people fall prey to the trap of wanting some perfect soul mate person to come along and fix everything. Then, the moment they find someone close, they start to imbalance themselves to match this other person so they may grow to be well-suited for each other and possibly become married.

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It looks good for a while, but we cannot escape the fact that we are all full people within ourselves with a complete range of thoughts and emotions. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, if you do not try to understand this internal balance with a willingness to satisfy yourself, you may find yourself deeply unsatisfied at one end of the extreme from time to time no matter who you are with.

The yin and yang of love

The only one who is sensitive enough to understand and satisfy you is yourself. If you cannot find the will to be a full person and love yourself even when all others are gone, you have nothing to offer except neediness, and like it or not this void will perpetuate the imbalance and bring down others.

Strive to love, accept, and satisfy yourself, and you will truly have something to offer:Both Yang and Yin are creative: Yang creates energy while Yin creates shape. Together, in modesty, they make Love. The attribution of significance to Yang and ordinariness to Yin gives value to the process of development that takes place within each cycle of a vibration.

Aug 22,  · Yin and Yang – Balance in Relationships. People say you should be with somebody who is similar to yours.

People also say opposites attract. While both can be good to certain people I have found that a relationship that has the yin yang components is .

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And you "yin", receptive and emotional with traits considered feminine. As yin and yang, you complement each other perfectly and are the balance of intellect and emotions. Men naturally identify with the more masculine characteristics, the "yang" aspects of their intelligence.

Yin Yang Love helps you to cope with polarities in a nice way. The most obvious polarity is of course that of women-feminine energy (Yin) and men-masculine energy (Yang).

Both energies are present in us. Yin Yang Love bridges polarities, helps to connect differences and brings them to a unity.

First, we need to understand that the viewpoint of Yin and Yang is not so much about positive or negative forces, rather it is the philosophy of how different but complimentary forces (not opposing) balance each other in the grander scheme of things to achieve a perfect and harmonious balance.

Yin Yang Introduction. Yin Yang is perhaps the most known and documented concept used within Taoism. A starting definition: Yin / Yang: Two halves that together complete wholeness.

MS is the common tie However, there is another side to yoga, just as there is another side to the yin and yang symbol.
The Yin And Yang Of Love - iScriblr Main Menu Yang and Yin symbolise the opposite poles of the fundamental dynamic on which the Oracle is based.
What is your YIN-YANG compatibility? | The two smaller circles in the centers the eyesshaded in the opposite color, illustrate that within Yin there is Yang, and vice versa.
Yin Meets Yang | Articles at The essence of this dynamic is that it is in a state of constant flux while Yin and Yang remain in a state of diametric opposition.
Other Love Advice Articles by Ariadne Green Love Advice In Taoism, a Chinese philosophy, there are two fundamental principles: It is believed that the interactions and balance of these forces in people influence their behavior and fate.

Yin and yang are also the starting point for change.

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