The harmful effects of processed foods health essay

Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph 4. So, there is a need to maintain the healthy diet and healthy habits throughout the life. In this scenario, every one of us is enjoying well the taste of junk food because it is delicious, affordable and readily available. The consumption of eating junk food is increasing day by day and making us diseased.

The harmful effects of processed foods health essay

Carrageenan-containing seaweeds have been used for centuries in food preparations for their gelling properties, but the refined, isolated carrageenan found in modern processed foods has raised concerns in the health-conscious online community.

I discussed carrageenan on a recent podcastbut today I want to give you a more detailed summary of the evidence. Hold the almond milk… is carrageenan affecting your health? There are a few distinct types of carrageenan that differ in their chemical properties, but the most important distinction is between degraded carrageenan and undegraded carrageenan.

From a chemical standpoint, the difference between these two types is in their molecular weight. From a practical standpoint, undegraded carrageenan is approved for use in food products, while degraded carrageenan is not. Animal studies Most of the carrageenan hysteria stems from animal studies that implicate carrageenan in the formation of ulcerations and cancerous lesions in the colon.

A thorough review of the approximately 45 available animal studies on carrageenan was published inand at first glance, these studies seem alarming. However, it turns out that the majority of these animal experiments used poligeenan instead of carrageenan, and as I mentioned before, these are two separate compounds with different effects.

Poligeenan is significantly more detrimental to the health of lab animals than carrageenan, so the lack of a clear designation between them has given carrageenan a worse reputation than it deserves. One important difference is that while poligeenan can cause cancer on its own when given in high enough concentrations, undegraded carrageenan has only ever been shown to accelerate cancer formation when administered with a known carcinogen.

Additionally, poligeenan produces more severe ulceration and inflammation than carrageenan, and at lower concentrations. As an example, a study on rhesus monkeys using poligeenan at 0. Observed effects in rats include epithelial cell loss, increased intestinal permeability, and diarrhea.

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There are a few other important considerations when determining how applicable these results are to humans. Because carrageenan interacts with protein molecules, consuming it as part of a solid food is much less harmful than consuming it in water.

Also, although many of the concentrations administered are comparable to concentrations found in processed foods, many experiments were conducted at concentrations much higher than humans would ever encounter on a normal diet.

Human studies Experimental evidence on the effects of carrageenan in humans is extremely limited, for obvious ethical reasons. However, a few in vitro experiments have been conducted on isolated human intestinal cells. One study found that in intestinal epithelial tissue, carrageenan exposure increased the expression of two pro-inflammatory transcription factors.

Two similar studies that did use food-grade carrageenan also found that isolated intestinal epithelial tissue responded to carrageenan by up regulating inflammation. Exposure to poligeenan Because poligeenan can be produced from carrageenan, many researchers and laypeople have expressed concern that we might be exposed to poligeenan through contamination of the food supply.

Another concern is whether small percentages of ingested carrageenan are degraded to poligeenan in the digestive tract after consumption, either because of the acidic environment or because of intestinal bacteria.

However, I do still think caution is warranted. Occasional exposure is likely nothing to worry about, but for most people reading this, avoiding carrageenan is probably as simple as making your own nut milk or coconut milkso I would encourage you to give that a shot.

If anyone has any other brand recommendations or favorite non-dairy milk recipes, feel free to share in the comments!

What Exactly Is Processed Food Anyway?

Sign up for FREE updates delivered to your inbox.Processed foods contain many substances that are contrary to health, and acrylamide is one of them. Acrylamide can form in many foods cooked or processed at temperatures above °F (°C), but carbohydrate-rich foods are the most vulnerable to this heat-induced byproduct.

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One of the oldest cereal grains, rice is a staple food in a large part of the world.

The Effect of Processed Food on Health | Healthfully

Brown (whole grain) rice is more nutritious and considered healthier. Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, Founder and CEO of Wellness Mama, has a background in research, journalism, and nutrition. As a mom of six, she turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her health problems.

Jul 24,  · The demand for GMO-free food continues to grow!

The harmful effects of processed foods health essay

Here is a reference list of the top 20 GMO foods to avoid if you want a GMO-free diet!

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