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A group of Tidewater Region AACA folks showed up to be in a special club display, and as usual, there were many different types of cars around to look at. The Studebaker got a surprise trophy - the 'Survivor' award in recognition of its original drive train.

Shoe horn sonata the send

Here is my all-star band: If he is successful, Morton plans to use Tommy Ladnier on trumpet. Occasionally, Washington does get a respite from corn when a good band plays a theater. During the fall, though, the nearest we came to swing was the ad libbing of Mr. Martin Dies and his boys.

Once a night some of the bands will play a blues in B flat, but it sounds like an Hawaiian love song.

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The negro joints are a bit better, but on week nights they are dead, and on Saturday and Sunday nights are overrun with queers, both types. The Music Box, where Jelly Roll used to play, has a 5-piece band good as any around town.

Very good swing, however, can be heard in the private membership Negro clubs which round up jam talent from the bands playing the Howard Theater.

This spot usually has the best sessions. Wilson Style Forsaken In other words when swing is wanted in Washington, the radio or phonograph is the best catharsis as a rule. And you can hear the current stylistic trends about a year before they hit Washington.

Off hand it seems that most pianists are veering away from the academic style of Teddy Wilson to the earthy boogie-woogie figures of Bob Zurke. With a vague allusion to the Congo, they seem content to let the question rest. Who started a thing, and when and where and how are all questions to keep an army of scholars constantly digging into dusty tomes throughout the world.

The premise is that jazz was introduced into the states through New Orleans.

Shoe horn sonata the send

Of only two things can we be absolutely certain regarding jazz music: It was introduced to this country through New Orleans, and it was introduced to New Orleans by the Negroes. Swing in Now, according to all available history, the first blacks to arrive in the Louisiana settlement were brought there in by Antoine Crozat, a French banker who was a moving spirit in the notorious Mississippi Bubble.


It is a matter of record that in the years of andmore than 3, of these Cuban Negroes were brought into New Orleans. It is safe to assume that they brought with them this strange new Africo-Spanish music.

While much of the foregoing is admittedly mere conjecture, here is an historic fact:What song will you find on Lyrics Playground today? (SEVEN LITTLE DWARFS) SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT (SHE'S MY) SOLID BOOZE (SOMEONE'S BEEN) TELLING YOU STORIES.

The Shoe-Horn Sonata is based on two women who helped each other through hardships during World War II; they are reunited after fifty years to film a television documentary which unravels many secrets. RECORDSMITH Irisdale Ave Richmond, VA email- [email protected] UPS shipping address: RecordSmith, Irisdale Ave, Richmond, VA tele() /fax () Used Auto Parts - Self-Service Automotive Recycling Facility in Littleton Colorado.

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