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Euro disney from dream to nightmare

First, plan the EMS structure, and then implementing, checking the performance and acting on it. The model is continuous because an EMS is a process of continual improvement in which an organization is constantly reviewing and revising the system.

How do you implement the Environmental Management System in your hotel?

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The open codes for this research question included the following items 1 Set up a separated management system of Euro disney from dream to nightmare and define annual goals in business plan.

The interviewee told us Cordis hotel set up a separated management system of EMS under the divisional structures, and he was assigned as the champion of EMS in charge of this organization. The EMS manager in hotel, representative in regional team and director of whole group constituting an organized management team.

He also mentioned the influence of the building design, appropriate building structural design would help with the implement of the environmental practices.

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The current building of Cordis is not designed for hotel use but for office towel, hotel is trying to add and revise the construction during the operation, but the infrastructure changes are difficult to be made, so the building structure would be improved to fit the environmental practices if aimed at hotel at first, and he also told us some new hotels perform well because of the green building design.

Cordis hotel uses the lights tubes with sense function in the back office and public areas and LED lightings setting in corridor to reducing the electricity consumption.

When asked the specific number saved, the interviewee told us the electricity cost 1. The waste cooking oil generated from kitchens can be recycled to produce biodiesel, which can be used in vehicles and combustion equipment. Staff education through regular training.

The interviewee strongly believed that education relating to the environmental programs and practices is a factor that can significantly affect their implementation. Employees are a great source of knowledge on environmental, and health and safety issues related to their work areas as well as on the effectiveness of current processes and procedures.

Cordis conducts a workshop recently called upcycling, which encourage associates to change the useless item into useful through recycling. This particular workshop on coffee grind involve staff and customers into the environmental practice and building a connection with EMS system.

Cordis turns its gift shop into a pop-up store selling upcycled products made by members of St. All the sales from these selected upcycling products, e. Hotel indoor air quality is an another part should be considered in EMS, most of hotels set up non-smoking floor for accommodation.

Heung argued that other policies include a carbon audit and calculating the carbon footprint based upon government or international guidelines and the provision of portable ozone machines to remove the odor from guest rooms when needed.

Minand Galle argued that green purchasing is an environmentally conscious practice which reduces waste at source and increases the potential for reusing and recycling of purchased materials. As for the waste management in Cordis, the interviewee told us the different kind of labelled trash bins for the separation of the waste, the monitor process would also be conducted during the daily operation.

As for the external EMS criteria, ISO and Earthcheck are two certifications of Cordis received and also being the standards and regulations to regulate the hotel operation from the top management to frontline colleagues.

Cordis has a big review at the end of the year to see whether the goals have been achieved and revisit the EMS plan. Sharing the experience and practices on EMS with other hotels in Hong Kong and overseas and learn from each other to see whether could be used in our hotel.

What are the possible benefits from the implementation of the Environmental Management System? The open code for this research question included the following items: Positive employee morale benefits the business since it can maintain a productive workplace Landry, The interviewee highlighted that staff morale has gone up as well as staff professional competence through the implementation of EMS, on the one hand, the staffs are more confident and motivated to implement EMS programs in the hotel as a result of successful environmental management and its desirable outcomes.

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On the other hand, regular trainings enable the staff to enrich specialized knowledge, being equipped with required qualities so that they are able to achieve greater performance in EMS practices, it is therefore the staffs are showing higher degree of willingness and motivation in implementing EMS programs in the hotel, which has contributed to the rising of staff morale as well.

Meanwhile, in the hospitality industry, the competitive edge lies in human resources. Hence, mastering adequate knowledge, relevant skills and qualities play an essential role in ensuring the success of a hotel Aaron, The Cordis hotel guarantees the qualities of staff while boosting staff morale, which has laid a solid foundation for further development.

The current finding of this study on raising staff morale and professional competence was indicated as a benefit from implementing EMS, however, it was not reported as a benefit in the previous studies on EMS Claver-Cortes et al, ; Bruns-Smith et al, This was probably because most of the previous research emphasized on tangible benefits rather than intangible benefits that would arise from implementing EMS.Limitation in applying technology and lacking of EMS professionals become another barrier to EMS implementation.

The interviewee mentioned that it is hard to reduce electricity consumption in hotel public area, which would requires further improvement in technology to save energy, but the limitation in technology has constrained the way .

EURO DISNEY FROM DREAM TO. NIGHTMARE GROUP 5 PRESENTATTION It is the centre of transportation and a linkage among different destinations: easy traveling choices for tourists. supporting the possibility of theme park has large population and there is a longer vocation time in Europe countries.

case fifteen Euro Disney: From Dream to Nightmare TEACHING NOTE Prepared by Robert M. Grant. SYNOPSIS The case examines Walt Disney Company’s creation of its European theme park, Euro Disneyland (later renamed.

Euro Disney: from Dream to Nightmare () For years, the Disney Theme Park Empire was built upon three crown jewels located in California, Florida, and Japan. Combining the familiar, family-friendly characters and images upon which the Disney reputation was built. case fourteen Euro Disney: From Dream to Nightmare, –94 Robert M.

Grant At the press conference announcing Euro Disneyland SCA’s financial results for the year ended September 30, , CEO Philippe Bourguignon summed up the year in succinct terms: “The best thing about is that it’s over.”.

Oct 06,  · Since opening in , the theme park east of Paris has become Europe's top tourist attraction by visitor numbers.

Euro disney from dream to nightmare

But the dream has turned into a nightmare for Disney and other investors.

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