Critical review on a literacy essay

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Critical review on a literacy essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The author in this study evaluates an extracurricular reading activity in Qatari schools. The students are divided into two groups. They are the students who enroll in the reading program in either English or Arabic the treatment group and the students who do not enroll in the reading program in either English or Arabic the control group.

The author of this article puts some citations to support his arguments taken from books. There is an argument such as a general consensus among experts that a child who voluntarily reads is likely to become a proficient and intensive reader later in life.

The text is not well organized, not very clear and a little bit confusing especially when the author analyses the data. What kind of research methodology the author uses to conduct his research is not clearly mentioned as well. How the author analyses the data is not explained very clearly either.

The arguments do not strongly support the main point of the study. The research conducts home literacy questionnaire given to parents which has no significant correlation or relationship to the aim of research since the focus or the scope of the study is the extracurriculer reading program at school not the one at home.

The text is appropriate for the intended audience eventhough it has weaknesses in some points.

Critical review on a literacy essay

The text presents some points of view of how the extracurriculer reading program effects or promotes students habit in reading. I do agree with these statements.

Reading is one of the main point to build a good and qualified society. Through reading, we can improve our knowledge and skills. Without reading we know nothing. So school in this case especially together with parents, government, stakeholders and other participants play important role to motivate or encourage students or children to make reading as their habits.

That one is easier to understand than this one since the text of the other one is more well organized, clear, and easy to read. The main finding of the study suggests that those students who went through the extracurricular activity had increased student interest in reading eventhough the mean rating of the reading attitude of the reading attitute of the treatment group is lower than the control group to enrollment in the reading program.

To restate the previous statement, it is a useful research but still has a lot of weaknesses. Further research must address this issue in the context of Qatar and more adequate time must be allotted for the extracurricular reading program especially to activities related to reading instruction and reading comprehension.

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Critical literacy is important knowledge to have. Without it you would not be able to form your own opinions and not be able to understand the opinions of others. Having freedom of speech is a precious thing that we all should take advantage of.

Nasser, R. () ‘A Literacy Exercise: An Extracurriculum Reading Program as an Intervention to Enrich Student Reading Habits in Qatar’. In this paper it. Chapter 41 1 The literacy curriculum: A critical review By Kathy A.

Mills and Len Unsworth Introduction This chapter critically reviews the scope of the literacy curriculum in the twenty-first. essay. Secondary sources can include critical analyses, biographies of the author, reviews, history books, encyclopedias etc.

When citing primary or secondary sources, follow MLA style for parenthetical.

Critical review on a literacy essay

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