5th grade writing anchor charts first grade

Saturday, April 2, Flexible Classroom Seating We always hear that it is good to give your students choices. Why then do we very rarely give our students choices in where and how they sit in class each day? So, here is a little class information before I tell you about my foray into flexible seating.

5th grade writing anchor charts first grade

Creative Writing Ideas 3. Prior to launching word work, I introduce students to the materials that they will be using during a separate spelling block.

5th grade writing anchor charts first grade

I stress using the materials the correct way, but I allow students to explore the materials. Then, when we're ready to start Word Work, they are already familiar with the materials, and have had some time to "play" with them.

Some of the materials I use for launching word work include: Wikki Stix or Bendaroos Small shells for shell spell Small rocks for rock writing Spelling City app for iPads As the year progresses, I rotate materials and add other choices.

I will also add games and materials for other skills that we are practicing, such as commas and apostrophes. I laminated the cards, and put them on a ring for students to take and use. How Much is Your Word Worth? Listen to Reading By the time students are ready to launch Listen to Reading, they have a very good grasp on the routines and expectations of The Daily 5.

Because of this, I only spend a few days discussing the expectations, and having students model. Most of the discussion is centered around how to use the devices correctly. I then choose some students to practice Listen to Reading while the rest of the class is building stamina for the other 3 areas of The Daily 5.

My students can do Listen to Reading at the CD player, or on the laptops. Perhaps the most difficult part of launching Listen to Reading is helping students realize that I cannot help them if the technology isn't working.

It also takes a lot of work to teach them that they should only spend a few minutes trying to get something to work. If it still isn't working, they should pick up and do Read to Self or Work on writing.

For the first few months, I allow students to explore the Listen to Reading sites. Then I start to require them to complete a graphic organizer that is related to the comprehension strategy we are working on as a class.

Read more about my laptop organization in this post. Instead, I have a separate "Buddy Reading" time once per week. Once all areas of the Daily 5 have been introduced, and students have at least 20 minutes of stamina in each area, I introduce choice.

I always make a very big deal out of the fact that students are in control of their own learning, and can choose what they would like to do. Here is how I manage my Daily 5 choice time: We do 3 rounds of Daily 5 every day.

All students have to do Read to Self and Work on Writing every day. Their 3rd choice can be Word Work or Listen to Reading. I keep track of what they chose, so that they can choose the opposite 3rd choice the next time. If I meet with a group during a round, those students will only do 2 independent rounds of Daily 5, which will be Work on Writing and Read to Self.

I have a visual up on my smartboard that contains student names in alphabetical order, as well as a visual of the choices. I have a clipboard that contains a list of student names on the left, and the Daily 5 choices across the top.

As students tell me what they would like to do, I mark a "1" in that column for round 1.What others are saying "Second grade writing: When to start a new paragraph" "The Conventions trait is the mechanical correctness of the writing and includes five elements: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar/usage, and paragraphing.

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A few tables with traditional chairs were kept for students who prefer to sit that way. All of these table spaces were located around our meeting rug, which we moved to the center of the classroom.

Bursting with stories and informational text selections by award-winning authors and illustrators, the Wonders Literature Anthology lets students apply strategies and skills from the Reading/Writing Workshop to extended complex text.. Integrate by reading across texts with the Anchor Text and its Paired Selection for each week; Build on theme, concept, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

5th grade writing anchor charts first grade

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For the last couple of months, I have been adding to a growing third grade guided math bundle. Much like the kindergarten through second grade guided math series, this one has warm-up, whole group, small group, and assessments.

5th Grade Anchor Charts to Try in Your Classroom